Already from the very beginning of the game you’re sure you can complete the game and win. The game gives you the ability to customize tasks and requirements to the level of the player. During the game there are often hints - every action the player takes gives immediate feedback and only because of that, the acquired behavioral pattern becomes guaranteed.

The UK market is a niche for educational games. There are several manufacturers of various types of applications improving development of children and assisting them with learning training materials. Educational games are adapted to age and interests of children - their main task is to develop a visual, verbal, manual or echoic memory. An important element of this kind of games is their impact on concentration and reflexes, through graphic elements such games let players develop and practice their skills and to repeat the knowledge that is needed to master.

Educational games are based on a simple story. The most important element is the knowledge that the game has to pass and the way in which it will be done. The game should be interesting and to a very large extent encourage you to re-play it. With the ability to track the progress and errors that occur while having fun with learning, it is possible to choose a better educational path, aid in better understanding of certain elements, as well as reward the player.

Thanks to today's technology you can broaden children's knowledge in a simple and enjoyable way. Training games have to stimulate brain to work, improve cognitive ability, act on imagination and creativity. Educational games use the fun element to preserve and acquire knowledge on the topic.

Many teachers do not deviate from table games, card games and role-playing games in their work with pupils. Our task is to transfer those games into virtual space and extend their capabilities. Games can create relaxed atmosphere, bring in new topics, stimulate conversations and they are a great tool for assessing group activity projects. Organising competitions and tournament games as part of a lesson for extra points and evaluation is an excellent form of integrating education.

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...initially with our help, and later by itself, all that is needed is one person who will inform their friend. Afterwards, their friends inform their friends and so on. You don’t need to worry about the rest. This way we can reach out to specific audiences. You see that the game is liked, you track the interest and thus save a lot of time and money.

There are two options, you can write a script for the game such that the user would get all excited and addicted to the game, finding such form of entertainment their ritual. You can be sure that they will look for elements of such games in their environment. Another way is to create a subtle personalized message that the user will accept and start to naturally identify themself with the brand.

When computer games entered the mass market they became a very effective advertising tool. It is quite a specific form of advertising - full of advantages as it allows you to hit the audience that is normally inaccessible for advertisers. Why? The simple reason is that nowadays, people turn off advertising videos and hide ads to be all alone with the game. They must be convinced that they decide when and what to play and what can interrupt the game. Unobtrusive advertising message appropriately woven into the storyline will benefit much better in the players' environment than text or video advert.

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...are the greatly missing part of our bleak reality. That's what will guarantee the people a great pleasure and thrill.

Cash games are the most important part of a casino, in such games the fate will decide who wins and the role of the player is to decide at what rate and for how long he or she will play. Almost always it's the quality and energy of virtual gaming machines that determines whether the player wants to stay in an online casino, or start looking for another one. The game must be adjusted to the taste of the player. The point is that just looking at spinning reels should make players enjoy the game. Moving cards and spinning roulette or other visual elements have to catch the player's eye, entertain and provide emotional reactions. Properly chosen music is to make the player feel the atmosphere of a real casino and let the slot machine pull the last penny from his pocket.

We have experience in implementation of gambling games acting through websites and we understand that such kind of games relies on both practical and theoretical side. All ideas combined with innovative technological solutions allow to hit in the tastes and preferences of a diverse group of players, including those who have never had anything to do with gambling and intend to start their journey.

Read less... is certain and achievable to acquire new players. Computer gaming market is now worth millions, however years ago it was considered only to be child's entertainment, which meant that investing in this type of business seemed to be risky, and sometimes even silly. Currently a high budget game is comparable to high-budget Hollywood film productions. Often, investors are asking whether it is worth to invest their money in a game, which will not be created by big company specialists, but instead by a small group of people with a passion. The chance for profit is now huge with so called casual games, available in most of web browsers completely for free, and now on almost every social networking website.

We offer investments in digital entertainment at the highest level, in particular in recently extremely popular casual games, which can very effectively and unobtrusively derive money from the wallets of customers directly to your account.

A free and publicly available game allows players to create their own piece of world, whether it’s a factory, a farm, a furry or a superhero. Players will be happy to become attached to their virtual characters and won’t mind to pay a small fortune for their virtual convenience. In such games the player is praised for even the smallest successes and encouraged to succeed further, so that he or she feels good and is pleased with their game world and in the subtle process of getting lost in the game they don't even notice how often and how much they’re spending.

Game space is unlimited, from our point of view it is possible to create a huge number of situations in one game, which can bring profit. The game can be made up of a vast number of levels, some of which are free, and some paid. Free levels are used for gaining players confidence and encourage them to continue playing using better toys, more elements and increased capabilities. Happy players are ready to pay to improve their experience.

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come to life and gain the interest and enthusiasm of players for a very long time.

We provide appropriate technological solutions and can place a ready game in App Store and Google Play, as well as on Facebook. For You, we can also undertake an integration of the game with multiple suggested elements.

Read less... the same time it is not possible to neglect the multimedial aspect. We make our games with great care and thanks to our commitment to the whole game design process, games that leave our workshop can attract people for long.

Our staff have been creating games for more than 10 years and are perfectly accustomed in this area. We care about the overall success. Giving us the opportunity to realise your idea you give us a lot of joy, and yourself - a warrant of success and peace of mind.

Creative Emikse Studio makes innovative, fresh and fruitful projects. We can come up with something that has never existed before and make it happen from beginning to end, maintaining world standards, our own style and your own idea.

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Games attract customers. What's more, they make clients associate with the brand, because they know they will be positively surprised and have fun. A well designed advertising game spreads like a virus over the internet...



It is a one-time investment to create a game, which later not only pays itself fast, but continues to be a good source of income. A game can be freely improved and developed in order to retain existing players and attract new ones, thanks to the possibility of sharing games and game scores via social media pages...



We make interactive games using the supplied and pre-cut graphics and are happy to advise and help with the appropriate design of the game and preparation of the required materials. With our help, your ideas can...



Computer games have the unique ability of shaping many very positive attributes among young people. There is no doubt that a game can be more influential than classes at school. Control over the game is the key element in this process...



In game development, our primary focus is on such elements that particularly affect the player. Gameplay quality measured in the commitment and willingness to play the game is the most important and this is what attracts new players and strengthens the group of existing and trusting players...



Sinful investments with great rate of return and big risk. No matter how the financial markets behave and what happens to the economy, people will not give up the fun and will not stop to risk because the risk and good fun...



Underwater educational game in which players shoot down the bubbles with the same color using a cannon. Players compete for the highest score, they don't know what color their next bubble will be.

For any bubble to be fired the player must correctly answer a question in a foreign language, if the answer is wrong, the bubbles will be moving down, threatening the cannon! Each round of cannon shots consist of just three bubbles of different colors, it is uncertain whether the player hits the colors that will be able to knock down sloping block of the colored bubbles. If a player is lucky he can get rid of many bubbles at once, he just has to remove all the bubbles that are higher than those that are a danger. If a player plays alone, he must focus on answering correctly and be careful to have a good aim at the bubble.
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According to Greek mythology, the labyrinth is a place designed and built by Daedalus for King Minos. It is a place for the Minotaur, half bull, half man.

Daedalus created a maze in such a way that access to situated in the center and guarded by a monster room was very difficult and required making choices to avoid getting lost in the dark corridors. Labyrinth game preserved ancient Greek mythology climate, its goal is to reach the treasure guarded by ghosts. Player who wants to get the treasure must not only choose the right path, he must also do it faster than his rival. The difficulty in the game are the guards, who ask difficult questions and require a correct answer, otherwise they would not let the player go through the corridor. Invalid response delays finding the treasure. Each slip gives your rival an extra chance. The treasure is only one.
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Eco Heroes game is intended for two players. The aim of the game is to improve the state of the environment. For the environment to become clean and pleasantly green players must correctly respond to questions in a foreign language.

Correct answer makes the superhero responsible for support and repair of evil caused by radioactive waste enter the board and cleans it! When the player's answer to the question posed to him is wrong, the hero is disappointed and the environment is still contaminated. Heroes are competing between each other. By answering incorrectly player increases the chances of his opponent.
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Standard educational quiz game in an interesting form. The main characters of the game are ghosts, hobgoblins, superheroes, wizards and guests from the Wild West.

The game is designed for two, three or four players, each of them is able to choose the character, which he will be in the game. Quiz consists of four rounds and it allows to get no more than 999 points. Each question appears on the board, which pulls down, while the spotlight falls on the hero who happens to have to answer. Characters express their joy with a good response and anger or sadness with bad one. If they have to wait for an answer too long, they get bored. Correct answers are rewarded with applause and cheers, wrong with whistles from the disappointed public. Rounds differ from each other, in some of them you can get a different number of points, some are time oriented, points can also be lost.
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Crazy programmer! Been hacking already in his childhood, loves programming and game development. Joyful owner and founder of the Emikse Game Studio ;)



His main interests are comic books and games, he is now also involved in creating them. He wouldn't be here if not for Batman ;)



He takes care of the business aspect of our project.



Cross-platform machines ensure compatibility.



We prepare the game architecture and its valuation based on customer's needs.


Once the project is accepted we are proceding to implementation, i.e. coding and creating graphics.


When the game is already running and looking good, we start the testing phase to detect and remove any imperfections.


The finished game is placed on the Internet or deployed otherwise, depending on the customer's expectations.



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